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Kidney care includes you

No matter where you are on your caregiver journey, we can help you understand your possible next steps. When it comes to caring, we’re all in this together. 

You’re a key part of your loved one’s care team

You might take on a lot of different roles and responsibilities when you care for a loved one with kidney disease. You could help with day-to-day support, medical needs, financial decisions or a variety of other things. Bottom line, your role is vital. 

Understand how you can help

As a caregiver, you might have some questions. Maybe a lot of them. You’re an important part of the kidney care journey. We’ll give you tips and info to help you along the way.

Tips for kidney caregivers

Caregivers are an important part of the care team. I think one place where they really shine is as another voice for the patient—advocating for that person they love.”

Ercelene Kinnebrew
Kidney Care Educator

Care closer to home.

Your loved one can get high-quality care, along with in-home options that allow you to keep as much of your lifestyle and your priorities intact as possible.

Home-first treatment

Explore how care at home offers enhanced comfort during treatment and elevated confidence in outcomes.

Explore home-first treatment