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A new focus on kidney care

CVS Kidney CareTM is a complete approach to kidney care treatment that helps people make confident treatment decisions to improve their health and quality of life.

An innovative approach that puts people first

It’s time to transform the kidney care industry for people, payors, health systems, nephrologist groups and dialysis providers. With our personalized approach, here’s how we’re leading the way.


We find those with kidney disease or at risk of kidney failure earlier. Data and advanced analytics make this possible and drive our tailored outreach.

Our analytics in action (PDF)


We provide proactive care management through our Kidney Health program and personalized, meaningful interactions every step of the way.


We offer education about kidney health and treatment choices, including transplant, home dialysis, in-center dialysis and supportive care.

Encourage home-first treatment

We offer superior home dialysis care and services to improve the quality of life for people living with end-stage renal disease.


We're making a difference

Kidney care is complex, and current treatment isn't optimal — resulting in high costs and poor health outcomes.1,2,3 That’s why it’s time to disrupt and reshape how kidney disease is managed.

Solutions for payors 

CVS Kidney CareTM Health Services

Using predictive, advanced analytics, we provide early identification, health care professional outreach, and health and treatment education. This supports people with chronic kidney disease and those at high risk — before they may require dialysis.

See how we’re improving kidney care

CVS Kidney CareTM Home Dialysis

We offer a “home first” approach to dialysis. We’ll work closely with people and their doctors to provide and coordinate home dialysis and offer ongoing education and support. In addition, in-center dialysis will remain an option as part of our offering.

Learn why home dialysis is successful

Helping people prepare for what’s next

What motivates one person is different for another. See how our Kidney Health program gives Harold the guidance and support he needs to live well with kidney disease. We help people and their family members prepare for what’s next — so they can make their own care decisions and look forward to living their best life.

Watch Harold’s journey

There is hope. A system that pays for kidney health, rather than kidney sickness, would produce much better outcomes, often at a lower cost, for millions of Americans.4

- Alex M. Azar II
Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

Learn more about chronic kidney disease

Get helpful information about kidney disease, organ donation and transplants from the National Kidney Foundation (NKF).

Check out the NKF's A to Z Health Guide to read about the topic of your choice.


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4U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Executive order on advancing American kidney health. July 10, 2019. Accessed January 9, 2020.


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