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Let’s redefine kidney health

Improve member outcomes with quality care, more predictability and lower costs.

Deliver the care that counts

By partnering directly with plan providers, we foster improved outcomes at every step. We advocate for a home-first approach, helping you achieve efficiencies and cost savings without compromising the care that people need at every stage of their journey.


More accuracy. More impact.

We don’t just engage based on disease stage. We identify at-risk members earlier by using advanced data analytics and predictive models to better understand disease progression and identify those with the highest three-year risk of needing dialysis treatment.

Explore data analytics


Go beyond data

Having data is one thing, what you do with it is everything. We have a team of data scientists who are dedicated to training machine learning models specifically on kidney health insights. Clinical care team members and administrators can view meaningful data insights on a cloud-based population health dashboard.

Applying artificial intelligence to improve kidney health


Kidney health for everyone

We are committed to breaking down the barriers to care, especially in historically underserved communities. Our human-centered, data-driven approach allows us to understand people’s needs better than ever before and help ensure members get the right information at the right time to make informed choices.

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