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The future of kidney health is home-first

See how options like home dialysis, transplant and virtual care offer improved outcomes, increased flexibility and more comfortable care.

Our approach to home dialysis puts people first

Studies show that with longer, more frequent dialysis, people can live longer, healthier lives.1,2,3 That’s why helping you transition to care at home is our priority — and an option that can change the course of kidney health in America.

A kidney transplant could be right for you

Studies show that people with kidney transplants live longer than those who stay on dialysis.4 Additionally, most people are able to return to the life they had before being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Working towards a shared mission

Whether you’re receiving treatment or overseeing it, we’re here to ensure you have the latest insights and information to make a confident decision when it comes to transitioning to home care.

Explore hemodialysis at home

Explore peritoneal dialysis at home

Explore kidney transplant

The CVS Kidney Care home-first approach is unique because we are focused on keeping that individual as close to their existing lifestyle as possible."

Ercelene Kinnebrew
Kidney Care Educator

The future of kidney health is closer than you think

We’re committed to making high-quality equitable care more accessible for everyone. Whether it’s at home or nearby, our innovations put people first — and their kidney health as a top priority.

How we’re innovating care


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